Hungarian Hydrological Society

Hungarian Hydrological Society

The main purposes of the Hungarian Hydrological Society (HHS) Magyar Hidrológiai Társaság (MHT) are to promote and manage the exchange of knowledge and experience among professionals in various fields of water sciences and technics.

The HHS is a non-profit institutions incorporating individual experts from administration, public utilities, enterprises, institutes and universities and organisations (authorities, companies, offices, water associations), respectively.

The Section of Hydrology of the Hungarian Geological Society (established in 1917) and the Hydraulic Engineering Section of the Chamber of Hungarian Engineers joined to found the HHS on February 11, 1949.

The Society is composed on one hand by professional sections: Limnology, Hydraulics and Applied Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Balneology, Sewage, Agricultural Water Management, Hydrochemistry and Water Technology, Hydraulic Construction, Water Management, Flood Control and Land Drainage, Water Supply, Industrial Water Management, and on the other hand by regional branches in the counties (more then 20). As it can be recognised the Society has an interdisciplinary nature. It integrates different water management sectors and it has a nationwide character through its local branches.

The organisational scheme of the Society is shown on Figure 1. The membership contains recently more than 2000 individual members and more than 200 corporate members. The society is governed by the General Assembly, the Presidium and the Steering Committee. In the Society there are central committees; the editorial board of the journals (like Hydrological Review), committees for Awards, Education, Finances, International Relations, History, Protection of Environment, Information, and Junior and a Senior Council. The Secretariat of the Society is accommodated in the headquarters building of the Association of the Scientific and Technical Societies (MTESZ). HHS has also a special committee on the European integration.

The HHS has a wide programme, for example it organises annually more than 300 sessions and meetings. (Workshops, meetings, symposia, seminars or conferences both international and internal ones.)

The HHS has connections according to agreements with the fellow societies in Hungary, and with several similar societies of other countries (e.g. with the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Austrian Water Resources Association, the Austrian Hydrological Society, the British Hydrological Society and the German Water Management Society (DVWK)).

The Society had or has about 80 Foreign Honorary Members awarded by this title for their international merits. The Society decorates Hungarian water scientists and experts annually. The highest award was the Vásárhelyi Prize (recently renamed since Vásárhelyi Prize (Pál Vásárhelyi was the creator of Tisza River regulation in the last century) is now donated by the Ministry for Environment and Water, as a major prize for excellent achievement in the water sector.

The Society publishes the bimonthly Hydrological Review, the annual Information on Hydrology and the regular Newsletter disseminating the monthly programmes of the Society.

The Society instutionalized an annual membership fee both for individuals and institutions (corporate members), which is the basis to sustain Secretariat, organise meetings and publish journals. The organisation of major meetings and exhibitions may also offer some income.

The HHS ha similarities with DVWK, it covers every aspects of the water management.

The HHS had regular connection with these societies and signed mutual agreements for close collaboration, which will be hopefully beneficial for both parties.

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