Registration Details:

1. Date Organization was formed: 20th July 2013


2. Registration No. : TIN 500411734


3. Legal Status: Registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO)


4. Date of Registration: 23th June 2015


Organizational Structure: Our organization is structured into a 4-member Executive Management Committee appointed by the CEO/Founder to oversee the total operation of our organizational development activities. Under this we have the following Project Sub Committees responsible for project implementation, they are: (a) Literacy and Civic Education Sub-Committee (b) Health and Sanitation Sub-Committee (c) Economic Development Sub-Committee



The Background of the Human Initiative Network



We envisage a society where all people, especially youth, women and children enjoy equal rights and opportunity for sustainable development. The vision of the Network is to also provide a platform for West Africa Civil Society Organization to package and disseminate information among the citizens in the sub region,  to sensitize and educate the citizens on West Africa Community’s institutional endeavours and their respective constitutional rights, human rights duties and responsibilities under the treaty for the establishment of the West Africa Community, to effectively engage in the Integration Processes and  promote the spirit of national ownership, sense of belongingness and good citizenship  across the state..


Our Mission

Human Initiative Network mission shall be an organization that advocates for the protection and promotion of social rights through effective coordination with likeminded organizations within Liberia, Sierra Leone and abroad. To catalyze a critical mass of well-informed and capable institutions, engaging the West Africa community intensively and proactively, and help deliver tangible fruits of regional integration to stakeholders across the region.


General Objective


  • To provide a platform for the West African Non-profit Organisations to effectively engage in the Integration Processes of the sub region


  • To present a platform for Non-profit Organisations to package and disseminate information among the citizens of the West African Community and to sensitize and educate the citizens on the West African Community‟ s institutional endeavours and their constitutional rights, duties and responsibilities under the West African Community treaty.


  • To effectively participate in and Influence the Economic, Social and Political Processes of the West African Community through research, advocacy and lobbying.


  • To monitor the formulation and Implementation of the West African Community Policies and programmes from a pro-poor and gender perspective, in order to address the needs and concerns of socially and economically marginalized and vulnerable groups; well applicable.


  • To promote and advance the protection of human and people’s rights in the West African Community and to encourage efforts at deepening democracy in the Region.


  • Promote, protect and uphold the spirit of constitutionalism, rule of law good governance and respect for state institutions within the sub region.


  • Ensure participation of Non-profit Organisations in conflict management processes across the West Africa Community State.


  • To promote the visibility of national issues from a Non-profit Organisations‟ perspective in the sub region.


  • To foster the culture of tolerance and constructive engagement in the region and amongst the West African Community Partner states.


  • To encourage the adoption of the principles of collective responsibility by Partner States of the sub region.


  • To present a concerted front through support and solidarity to member organizations in the promotion and pursuance of any of the above objectives.


  • Capacity building of member organizations.


  • To foster research and consultation work on matters relevant to the objectives of the Network.


  • To promote information dissemination, communication and documentation relative to the certificate of the organization.


  • To increase awareness on livelihood of people living in rural area, especially who depend directly on biodiversity.


Gender Issues and Advancement of Women:

Advocacy and outreach 
Capacity building 
Education and training of women 
Rights of women 
Indigenous women 
Information Communication & Technology
Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women 
Men and boys 
follow up Millennium Development Goals/biodiversity: 
Service provision 
The girl child 
Trafficking in women and girls 
Violence against women 
HIV/AIDS impact on women/protected area
Women and health 
Women and poverty 
Women and the economy 
Women and the environment 
Women and the media 
Women in power and decision-making

Public Administration:

Ethics, Transparency and Accountability 
Knowledge Systems and E-government 
Public Service and Management Innovation 

Sustainable Development
Disaster management and vulnerability 
Gender equality 
Human settlements 
Information for decision-making and participation 
Rural Development 
Waste (hazardous)

Waste Management

Peace and Development in Africa:
Development in Africa
Peace in Africa 
Conflict Resolution in Africa:
Conflicts Resolution 

Country / Geographical area of activity: Liberia and Sierra Leone 

Millennium Development Goals:

Develop global partnership for development 
Improve maternal health
Reduce child mortality 
Promote gender equality and empower women 
Ensure environmental sustainability 
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases 
Achieve universal primary education

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  • NGO

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