The company GIANT ENERGIE RINNOVABILI is on the market for production of Renewable Energy, Electricity from the movement of the waves of the sea and has direct efforts toward the search of innovative solutions  geared towards the utilization of small and slow movement, focusing its attention on quality and the uniqueness of product offered.

Recently with the project GIANT, it has become possible to produce Electricity with small  and slow waves, the peculiarity of the GIANT  is that it works with waves with high from 5 – 10 centimeter.

Actually we supply lightning systems, they are equal to solar or aeolic street lamp. In the next  future the electricity’ ll  be utilized to produce  hydrogen low cost, water desalinated and eliminate the CO2, we aim to provide a modular and scalable system in accordance with the European Directive 20 - 20 - 20.

As reference the system won the award “ Innovazione amica dell’ ambiente 2011 “ and the “ Energy Globe Award 2013” for Italy.

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