Gdańsk Water Foundation

Gdańsk Water Foundation

GFW – training center for water professionals with the overall staff of 15people, registered in accordance with Polish law,
was founded in May, 1995 as a result of long term cooperation of institutions and organizations from Poland, France and
Denmark. It originated from one of the projects of the LIFE – BALTIQUE Programe of European Union. Basic aims,
which were guided by its founders and are realized in GFW activities are Promotion of knowledge serving water
economics, particularly the principles of water management in catchments; Providing additional professional training in
the fields of water, sewage and waste sectors (Water Management, Sewage Management, Waste Management,
Microbiology of water and wastewater, issues of environmental protection); Facilitate the information and contacts
exchange between water-users and local and central administration; Undertaking activities conducive to water-saving as
well as other activities in the field of ecological education; Facilitate the exchange of information between research
centers as well as promoting the results of their work; Conducing interlaboratory comparison tests of water, sewage and
food; and Cooperation with other countries in order to disseminate new technologies, unify standards as well as
exchanging experience and information in the field of water management.

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