GAN is a public corporation that has been created by the Regional Government of Navarra as a direct and indirect instrument of the Department of the Environment. We promote action to conserve the environment in order to benefit society, improving our surroundings and developing the natural heritage in an efficient manner.
Two major lines of action can be distinguished: industrial action to improve companies’ environmental behaviour, and natural action to plan, manage, and improve the environment of Navarra.

Minimising the daily activities of industry. Areas of action: waste, dumps, contaminated soil, air quality, and dumping and classified activities.
Environmental assessment and follow-up of projects, providing advice on how to achieve lesser environmental impact by using the best preventive measures and restoration techniques.

This is the area in which the GAN helps to care for Navarra’s natural heritage with action in various fields:
Planning and Managing Biodiversity and the Red Natura 2000
Planning and sustainable management of hunting and fishing resources
Forestry management, nurseries, reafforestation, and projects
 Infrastructures in the natural environment
Integration within the environment
Geographical information system
Communication, participation, and public use

We collaborate with the Water Services of the Regional Government of Navarra, which have networks controlling the quality and hydrometry of surface water and groundwater in Navarra.
On both networks manual and automatic stations are programmed to send data in real time.

GAN leads and takes part in programmes from various calls in order to conserve the environment of the Region of Navarra.
Examples for 2013: Life Nitrates, Life Territorio Visón, Life Tremedal...

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