Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega (Enterprise and Galician University Foundation) - FEUGA

Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega (Enterprise and Galician University Foundation) - FEUGA

FEUGA is a nonprofit private foundation with more than 30 years of experience enhancing technology transfer between university and industry. We belong to the Spanish Customized Advisory Service Network about R&D grants, promoted by the NCP (CDTI), we are a member of Red FUE (Enterprise- University Foundation Network), and we are also University Knowledge Transfer Office, recognized by the Spanish government for the three Galician Universities (Univesity of Santiago de Compostela, University of Vigo and University of A Coruña). On the other hand, and we are in charge of the ENVITE (Galician Environmental Technology Platform) technical secretary. ENVITE is made up by about 200 environmental enterprises, end users, research groups and other organizations and has been created with the support of the regional government to enhance technology transfer and promote R&D and innovation among the different stakeholders about environmental aspects. FEUGA, as technical secretary, is in charge of these tasks.

FEUGA is a member of the WssTP (Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform) and participates in the Action Group FINNOWATER. FEUGA cooperates also in the Innovation supported by Communication, Training and Technology Transfer Working Group at the European Technology Platform Food for Life-Food Drink Europe.


According to the members interesting areas, FEUGA-ENVITE is divided in 5 work groups:

  • Renewable energy and Bioenergy (biomass, biofuels)
  • Bio-based markets and products
  • Water
  • Zero-waste economy (recycling, waste reduction and valorization)
  • Climate change mitigation and Low-Carbon economy
  • Eco-innovation

According to FEUGA-ENVITE services, it is divided in 5 areas:

  • FEUGA Innovation
  • FEUGA Training and education
  • FEUGA Grants
  • FEUGA Dissemination
  • FEUGA Management


  • Dissemination and Communication tasks: we have wide experience in events organization (workshops, congresses, etc.) related to scientific divulgation, communication and dissemination of R&D projects and results. We promote the dialogue between the triple helix (government bodies, industry and universities) and we also maintain liaison with civil society, to disseminate and transfer the knowledge in appropriate ways “tailored” to reach the various targeted audiences:

  • Training: we have many years of experience in training/education programmes and courses for companies and  researchers:

  • Management and evaluation tasks: we have experience in project management (contractual obligations, network coordination, infrastructure activities, office operations, support for activities), having participated as partner and project leader in some European projects. Development of project monitoring and evaluation systems, definition of indicators (impact, result, output) and quantification of project results.
  • Pilot Actions: implementation of R&D priorities by pilot actions. Design and development of pilot actions, which address specific needs in specific sectors.
  • Policy Watch, R&D strategies: development and adjustment of strategic research agendas (companies, platforms, clusters…); public-private partnerships models; socio-economic research and support to policies; innovation indicators; economic and institutional analysis.


Experience in European projects

SUSMILK Project (FP7 KBBE.2013.2.5-02) Re-design of the dairy industry for sustainable milk processing.

Winetech and Winethech Plus Project. Wine sector. R&D and innovation projects. Promotion and Management

VT Project. Technology transfer between university and society.

Nanovalor Project. Setting up a Nanotechnology Hub

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