ENVIROHEMP specializes in water treatments (mainly in recovery of resources such as heavy metals and other, as well as emerging contaminants adsorption) through the production of efficient, competitive and natural activated carbons (by biomass revalorization). ENVIROHEMP has just submitted ELECTROWATER Project  (within the Water JPI pilot call) for the  electroadsorption and electrooxidation of emerging contaminants (drugs and pathogens).

ENVIROHEMP strives to develop environmentally friendly and high tech bio-based applications, providing solutions for different sectors. A resource-efficient approach permeates all our innovative processes and products.

ENVIROHEMP specializes in several agroforest biomasses in order to develop sustainable water technologies (ENVIROHEMP is highly committed to water sustainability and it is specially focused on the recovery of resources and emerging contaminants removal)

ENVIROHEMP  invests in  agro industry byproducts management in order to obtain high added-value products from biomasses fragmentation (such as furfural, XOS and xylitol from hemicellulose isolation and activated carbon among others) .

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