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Emefcy LTD

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Emefcy was founded in 2007 as a start-up company in the field of Clean-Tech, with the vision of fundamentally changing the energy economics of wastewater treatment. Emefcy is made up of a team of 25 highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals. It offers advanced, energy efficient, technologies for treatment of sewage and industrial wastewater. Backed by top-tier investors, Emefcy is perfectly positioned to lead the revolution in the energy economics of wastewater
treatment, while retaining a practical and cost-effective approach to the needs of the customer.

Technology & products
Emefcy developed and manufactures its two products:
The EBR – Electrogenic Bio Reactor, is known in the literature as MFC – Microbial Fuel Cell. It converts the chemical potential energy, embodied in the organic material poluting the water, directly into electricity. The general idea is that the wastewater treatment process is done inside an electrochemiocal cell in which electrogenic bacteria develop to support the process. This requires the treatment process to include components such as anodes, oxygen-permeable membranes and cathodes.
The SABRE – Spirally wound Aerobic Biofilm Reactor, is also known in the literature as a MABR – Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor. The product is a self respiring biological reactor for wastewater treatment: it is based on growth of a layered biofilm on the water side of an oxygen permeable membrane exposed to atmospheric air. It offers benefits such as negligible power consumption and silent, odorless operation. Obviously SABRE can be designed to meet any effluent quality requirement.

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