Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Naples Federico II

Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Naples Federico II

The Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) has seen its official starting January 1, 2013 and is created primarily by the confluence of professors and researchers belonging to the dissolved departments: Energy, Thermal Fluid Dynamics Applied and Environmental influences (DETEC), Aerospace Engineering (DIAS ), Engineering And Management (DIEG), Naval Engineering (DIN), Mechanics and Energy (DIME).

Main streams of research of the Department of Industrial Engineering are: Naval Architecture, Construction of marine plants, Flight Mechanics, Construction of Aerospace Frames, Aerospace Systems and Equipment, Fluid Dynamics, Aerospace Propulsion, Fluid Machines, Systems for Energy and the Environment, Technical Physics, Environmental Technical Physics, Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Design and Construction of Machines, Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management and Economics, Performance Management, Benchmarking, Human Resource Management, Technology and Innovation Management, Operations Research, Statistics, Statistics for experimental research and technological, Appraisal methods, Law.

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