Department of Industrial and Information Engineering

Department of Industrial and Information Engineering

The DIII Department, born in 2012 from the fusion of the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Information Engineering, mainly operates in the fields of the Industrial and Information Engineering from which its name. DIII is located at the Real Casa dell'Annunziata in the city of Aversa.

The Dipartiment performs research and educational activities in several scientific areas, including: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Industrial electronics and electrical power systems, Robotics, Physics, Telecommunications and Information Systems Engineering. Scientific and academic staff of the Department consists of 65 scientific personnel (21 full professors, 21 associate professors, 23 assistant professors), 14 technicians and administrative personnel.

SUN-DIII is currently participating in 9 EC projects (one, mOSAIC, as Coordinator) and several national projects. Over the last two years, the research team has authored over 300 publications in scientific journals and over 600 presentations to international conferences (for a complete list see

The Information Systems Engineering Group at Second University of Naples includes 10 tenured positions (one Full Professor, one Associate Professor and 8 Assistant Professors) and 5 PhD students. It performs research on a number of fields including: Cloud Computing, Mobile Agents and Devices, Ubiquitous and Embedded Computing, High Performance Computing and Systems, Performance Evaluation and Simulation, Knowledge Enginering, Semantic Web and Web Services, Information Retrieval, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Formal Systems. It is involved in several international and national projects, including mOSAIC (FP7-ICT-2010-256910) – Project coordinator Prof. Beniamino Di Martino - and Cloud@Home (IT-MIUR-PRIN 2010).

DIII   provides   knowledge and experience also  in the field of measurements and remote control systems (SCADA). In particular:

  • sensors and measurement devices based on innovative technologies and operating principles
  • measurement instrumentation  for monitoring water flow, pressure, level, etc.
  • data transmission and communication technologies
  • remote control and supervisory architectures
  • SCADA systems for numerical simulation programs
  • Flow measurement for district metering and for leaks detection
  • Sensors and actuators in smart water networks
  • Smart metering
  • Cloud Computing
  • Bgi data processing
  • High performance computing and simulation
  • Ubiquitous and mobile computing
  • ICT techniques and technologies for smart grid, smart energy and smart cities
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