Department of Applied Ecology, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz, Poland

Department of Applied Ecology, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz, Poland

The University of Łódź was established in 1945. Currently, it is one of the largest Polish universities, with 12 faculties and over 42 thousands of students.

The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection (involved in the project) is the biggest biological faculty in Poland, conducts research in all fields of biological sciences, and has received “Category A” of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for high scientific quality. The Faculty employs over 240 scholars, including over 80 professors. It coordinates, among others, the EH-REK LIFE08 ENV / EN / 000517 project: “Ecohydrological rehabilitation of recreational reservoirs in Arturówek (Łódź) as a model approach to rehabilitation of urban reservoirs”.

The Department of Applied Ecology has coordinated and participated in a number of EU projects (e.g., MIDI-CHIP, TOXIC, SWITCH, EH-REK) and over 30 national projects. Research of the department is focused on integrated strategies for the protection and rehabilitation of water ecosystems, and includes such key research areas as: 1) Ecohydrology; 2) Ecosystem Biotechnology; 3) Monitoring, early warning systems and control of eutrophication and toixic algal blooms; 4) Management of water resources in urban areas; 5) Aquaculture; 6) Bioindication; 7) Bioremediation and phytotechnology. Within the EU project SWITCH, and through collaboration with the City of Lodz and European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology u/a UNESCO, the Department has developed and implements number of actions within the blue-green network concept in Łódź. It has broad experience and know-how related to design, implementation and assessment of ecohydrological measures for water management in urban areas. It is also experienced in facilitation of the capacity building process and development of system solutions for cities based on water resources as the core for their sustainability.

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