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Water companies around the globe are facing serious challenges with water scarcity, drought conditions, water leakage, asset security and rising operating costs.

Therefore it is essential; to improve the management one of the world’s most precious resources.

A SMART Water Network gathers data and processes and transforms it into actionable information, which can:

  • Improve network efficiency
  • Enhance asset life spans
  • Ensure consistent high water quality
  • Maximise use of water sources
  • Cut waste, losses and carbon intensive energy consumption
  • Reduce operating costs

Technology is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and is now able to provide the platform for SMART Grids across all utilities.

SMART Water Technologies encompass very many new features :

  • A greater distribution of sensors for flow, pressure, levels and water quality
  • Enhanced control of valves, pumps and processing equipment
  • Infrastructure asset condition assessment
  • Asset protection and security

Operational complexity is increasing and systems are becoming more inter-reliant and integrated. SMART Water Networks, by gathering and processing these new multiple data feeds will facilitate:

  • Remote identification of problems & faults
  • Fully automatic control of parameters (pressure/flow/quality)
  • Self-monitoring and self-healing infrastructures
  • Rapid and in-time repairs
  • Meeting homeland security needs for water assets 

More sensors and controls bring the biggest challenge yet, a new generation of enhanced and high speed communications is needed which can communicate with all parts of the network, regardless of its geographical location.

Fibre optic communications is only viable way to deliver the new SMART Network infrastructure :

  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • Fully future proofed
  • Delivering the back-haul for the Internet of Things
  • The interconnect of any and all physical devices
  • Distributed sensors and actuators become ‘cyber devices’

The problem is that fibre optic links do not exist where water companies need them, particularly in extra-urban, outlying and rural areas; exactly where many water assets are located.

Due to the lack of fibre optic connectivity, communications are often via slow and unreliable radio, microwave or copper-based systems which are not suitable for the SMART Networks of the future.

Providing new fibre optic links is currently undertaken by traditional civil techniques of open cut trenching, which are slow to deploy, very disruptive and extremely expensive.

Therefore, new techniques are urgently needed to provide the required fibre optic communications for the SMART Networks revolution…………

By using our patented Atlantis Hydrotec® ‘pipe-in-pipe’ technology within the existing in-ground water pipe infrastructure Water Companies are able to deliver the fibre optic links required for SMART Water Networks in a better, faster and cheaper way; after-all water pipes run where the assets are, and where people are, even in remote and outlying locations.

Atlantis Hydrotec® is a suite of approved and certified products that facilitate the deployment of fibre optics within potable (or non-potable) water pipes utilising our patented ‘Pipe-in-a-PipeTM’ technology; we like to refer to it as the ‘internet of pipes’ or ‘IoP’.

  • T Series – for long run length trunk routes and high fibre counts, in water pipes from 110m and upwards with a typical install rate of 1 to 2km per day easily achievable.
  • M Series – for medium run lengths in water pipes from 32mm to 90mm, a typical 500m installation will take less than 3 hours.
  • D Series - for domestic property ‘home drop’ connections via the water supply pipe, such as for fibre-to-the-home (FTTH); a typical installation of up to 100m would take just 1 to 2 hours.

The unique feature of all of the Atlantis Hydrotec® products is that their deployment is fully independent of the intervening terrain, ground conditions, location or surface finish.

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