COSTRAME di Di Maso srl

COSTRAME di Di Maso srl


General information:

Company Name: COSTRAME Di Maso LTD acronym COSTRAME LTD or Di Maso LTD

Legal form: Limited Liability Company

VAT Number: 01335101216

Company Head office: Via Montessori, 2-80021 Afragola (NA)

Registration: REA 361344 and Naples Chamber of Commerce: n. 04468210630


Fields of interest

The company COSTRAME LTD is specialized in the field of integrated water cycle, specifically for the management of water and sewerage networks for the construction and maintenance of water networks civil, rural and industrial water collection, lifting and drinking water, remote control of water distribution networks construction and maintenance of civil and industrial drainage and sewerage, sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment. Among the activities of the company since 1999 is part of the public service of water supply and management of the municipal sewer, replacement, supply and installation of hydraulic gauges.


Main activities and experiences:

Comune di Pozzuoli (NA)

The Company Costrame srl is present on the territory of the municipality of Pozzuoli since the years of its establishment.

Today, through the Consortium CAF manages the entire water supply, sewerage and associated lifting equipment.

Comune di Afragola (NA)

The COSTRAME Di Maso SRL. is also the Manager of the Water and Sewer Service of the City of Afragola. The following section briefly and broadly represent the activities of management put in place, both for the commercial and administrative both as it relates to the management of the water distribution network (ordinary and extraordinary).

As part of the management of the water supply with reference to the commercial, administrative, the company performs the following tasks:

• Census and acquisition;

• contracts, contract transfers and cancellations;

• Meter reading;

• processing of invoices consumption;

• management of arrears;

• shipment of processed electronically Postel spa bills which provide for the printing and enveloping delivery;

• edit and reprint invoices abnormal;

• rateizzo of invoices;

• telematics reporting of payments (interconnection Postel / costrame).

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  • SME

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