CNR Institute of Information Science and Technologies, Signals and Images Laboratory

CNR Institute of Information Science and Technologies, Signals and Images Laboratory

The research and development activity of the Institute can be classified into 5 thematic areas:

  1. Networking Science and Technologies
  2. Software Science and Technologies
  3. Knowledge Science and Technologies
  4. Visual and High Performance Computing Science and Technologies
  5. Flight and Structural Mechanics

and dynamic interactions take place among different areas, giving raise to fruitful cross-fertilization.

The research staff is organized into 14 laboratories or technology centers, each having a wide scientific and administrative autonomy; and the members of the research staff are normally involved in one or more of these units. 
"Curiosity driven" and independent research are also encouraged and supported.

Research Laboratories pursue a well-defined set of strongly related scientific objectives. In addition to research, objectives may also cover technology development and training. The teams include permanent staff, visitors, post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students, with an average number of 10 members per Lab.

The Signals and Images Laboratory has a strong portfolio of capabilities in the sector of signal processing applications, including the elaboration of dataseries coming from the instrumental observation of the environment. Applications dealing with water include the detection of oil spills in the marine environment, the usage AUV for monitoring purposes, data-driven modelling of hydrological and physico-chemical parameters, the usage of satellite radar altimetry for the assessment of surface water bodies, the design and development of nanofiltering structures.


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