The CleanWaterCenter (CWC) brings together scientists from different Department of Politecnico di Torino to address technological challenges related to water safety and supply.  Its goals are the design and advancement of innovative water treatment systems for use by industry and in the public sector to purify and to reclaim contaminated water streams efficiently and by using alternative energy sources. As such, the objective of the CWC is to increase the TRL of current advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment.

The expertise of the CWC comes from the fields of process engineering and optimization, fluid dynamics, chemistry and materials science, and energy engineering.  The main macro-areas of current interest are: (i) membrane processes for water reuse, especially focused on osmotically-driven membrane processes, module and materials design, and minimization of fouling; (ii) advanced oxidation processes with optimized hydrodynamics for optimum contaminant removal rate and degradation pathways; (iii) cost-effective detection devices for inline and real-time monitoring of contaminants and parameters during operation; (iv) energy systems coupled with treatment processes, exploiting renewable and low grade energy sources (20-25% of efforts).

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