The Center for Water Security and Cooperation

The Center for Water Security and Cooperation

The Center for Water Security and Cooperation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington D.C. The CWSC's mission is to advance water security and cultivate cooperation by building a unified body of laws, policies, practices and standards that ensure the availability of water for current and future generations, and a peaceful, stable, and vibrant global society.

The CWSC was started to support and drive the innovation of a more consistent, comprehensive legal infrastructure that can nimbly and sustainably protect, manage and govern our water and river basins. The growing number of conflicts over water demonstrates the insufficiency of water planning, especially in light of climactic changes. The CWSC promotes the importance of legal infrastructure alongside physical infrastructure using both to guarantee the availability of safe and reliable water and the protection of our watersheds. Our legal infrastructure needs to be revisited, reevaluated, recalibrated and updated as much as physical infrastructure. The CWSC works with stakeholders to build legal frameworks that advance water security and guarantee a future with water.

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