Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (BDigital)

Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (BDigital)

BDIGITAL is a private, non-profit advanced Technology Centre dedicated to the R&D&I of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applications for Environment, Mobility, Security, Health and Food. .  BDIGITAL leads or participates in several research projects with private and public (national and regional) funding origin under execution. Additionally, the staff – both at R&D and management levels – brings with them several years of experience in preparation, coordination, management and successful exploitation of regional, national and European R&D projects. Concerning to Environment area, BDIGITAL’s core competences and interests cover several R+D such as: Application of new technologies to the development of early warning systems and decision support systems for water control; modelling and development of distributed water governance and management systems across different actors of the urban, industrial and rural water systems; algorithms for predictive determination of water consumption profiles and knowledge extraction from existing databases; and user friendly expert simulation tools integrated to governance, management and decision support systems for rural, urban and industrial areas. BDIGITAL’s staff consists of +80 professionals (doctors, engineers, technicians, project managers), with multidisciplinary and complementary backgrounds in several ICT fields. Located at Barcelona (main), Lleida and Girona.

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