Aragon Water Institute (IAA)

Aragon Water Institute (IAA)

The Aragon Water Institute (IAA) is a legal entity of public law created by the 6/2001 Act for the Planning and Participation in Water Management in Aragon. The aim of the IAA is to execute the competences of the Autonomous Community of Aragon in water management.

The main activities of the IAA are as follows:

  • The construction of water supply infrastructures in collaboration with the local governments, by means of direct investments, funds and technical support. In addition, the execution of water treatment constructions, especially those included in the Special Water Treatment Plan of Aragon and in the Pyrenees Plan.
  • The exploitation, directly or by agreement, of water treatment plants.
  • The management of the Water Treatment Tax –an autonomic/regional environmental tax, whose incomes are addressed to the treatment of waste water-.
  • The execution of General Interest Projects through the State’s assignment to the Autonomous Community.
  • The well- functioning of the Aragon Water Commission, a multi-stakeholder forum where consumers, industry, irrigators, ecologists, NGOs and governments (at all levels) are represented with the aim of reaching a consensus in water related issues.
  • The defence of Aragon interests in the field of water, especially with regards to those related to planning.
  • The participation in projects and fora, both at national and international level, having to do with water and sustainable development.
  • The promotion of the efficient use of water, including studies and fostering of new technologies for the rational use of water.

The Board of Directors of the IAA holds a President (who is the Regional Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Environment of the Government of Aragon), the IAA Director, and 9 Board members assigned by the Government of Aragon and who act on behalf of the Regional Ministers of the Government of Aragon they represent.

The IAA counts with a staff of 46 workers.

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