Alterra, part of wageningen university research

Alterra, part of wageningen university research

Alterra employs 450 staff, combining expertise on Green economy & biodiversity, Soil, water & food security, Spatial planning and ecology, and Water resources and Climate Change. Alterra engages in strategic and applied research to support policy-making and management at the local, national and international level. More in our website

Alterra is the research institute for our green living environment. Alterra offers a combination of practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment. Alterra will participate in iNTRiNSiC using their experience in water management, agricultural production, water quality, environmental policy and dissemination for large research projects.

Alterra is renowned for its interdisciplinary approach to research. Our mission is to provide outstanding science, education and consultancy in the fields of water, land, air and climate for the local, regional and global scale, to advance scientific frontiers, to improve environmental management practices, and to advise on sustainable and equitable policies. Its’ domain encompasses (a) the interacting physical, chemical and ecological processes underlying the climate system, the hydrological cycle and the provision of ecosystem services, including food production, (b) the interactions of these processes with human activities and (c) the development of solutions for sustainable environmental policies and management. Our fundamental and applied mono-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary research stems from the natural and social sciences. With respect to water quality and quantity, Alterra advises the European Commission on the implementation of Directives including the Nitrate Directive (EU27), the Water Framework Directive in the Netherlands, inter-calibration of the typology of surface waters and derivation of ecological targets.

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