Aguas de Valencia SA (AVSA) was set up in 1890 under the original name of Sociedad de Aguas Potables y Mejoras de Valencia, changing its name to the current one in June 1988.

Nowadays is the head of a group of companies called Grupo Aguas de Valencia. The Group focuses its activity managing the Integral Cycle of Water, developing several complementary lines of business creating the suitable synergies to optimise water resources. We are dedicated to managing, exploiting and operating the services of:

  • Supplying drinking water to municipalities.
  • Sewage piping for evacuation and treatment of wastewater.
  • Supplying water for agricultural use.
  • Carrying out, maintaining and conserving works and constructions necessary for the completion of our services, even for third parties, whether they are public, private or for individuals.
  • MOT services for vehicle inspection and other diversion of business lines

Throughout our history, in the due course of our own activities and, specially, our expansion into other regions in Spain, we have been either setting up or participating in a variety of companies in different geographical areas. Aguas de Valencia Group attends an overall population of 2.000.000 end users in around  230 municipalities in Spain.



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  • 501 - 2000

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  • COM

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