Aguas de Alicante

Aguas de Alicante

Aguas Municipalizadas de Alicante, AMAEM, manages the urban water cycle in Alicante and 5 neighbour towns: San Vicente, Sant Joan, Petrer, Monforte and El Campello. The supplied population amounts to 532.677 inhabitants, surpassing 700.000 in the summer, as the area is a popular tourist destination. AMAEM’s strategy is based on the responsible and efficient management of water resources, its care of the environment and the social engagement.

The origin of AMAEM dates back to 1898, when the water carried by the Alicante Canal finally arrived to the city solving its permanent scarcity of resources. AMAEM is a mixed capital company shared by the town council (50%) and AGBAR Group (50%) since 1953. AMAEM is an example of successful PPP for the World Bank[1]. The Board of Directors is composed of Agbar and Town Council representatives in equal numbers, and presided by the city Mayoress. The Council of Alicante has recently renewed the contract with the company until 2036.


[1] Vivian Castro, Jan G. Janssens (2011), Mixed Private-Public Ownership Companies “Empresa Mixta” (accessed 02 March 2014)


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