AGM Communication & Control Ltd.

AGM Communication & Control Ltd.

AGM is offering its knowledge in communication and control, and 33 years of experience in Asset optimization, retrofit & upgrading projects for SCADA/DCS networks for the water industry.

AGM is running several commercial pilots for innovative, economical Preventive Maintenance and main pipelines Leak Detection applications.

 Using COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products, retaining existing investment in equipment and workers-team training, enables AGM to offer smart, economical upgrade and optimization solutions in-line with evolving technologies and business changing requirements.

To offer better solutions, AGM developed an add-on element, original communication management unit to be installed at the remote field stations, between the PLC and the communication transceiver (RF and/or cellular or other) empowering the distributed system, making each station smarter having the dramatic impact like the PC revolution did to the "dumb terminals" organizational environment on the 80's.

This original product, called R-Win, enables smart, gradual and economical SCADA/DCS networks optimization and upgrade. 

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