Our company is specialized in complex and heavily polluted wastewaters. Our permanent investment in R&D has guided us to a leading position in Advanced Oxidation Processes (ozonolysis, fenton process, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis, etc.) where we are one of the world experts (see R&D section).

Regarding industrial WWTPs, we can highlight a successfull track record with several units installed in agro-industrial effluents (such as in Wine and Olive Oil sectors) and in Chemical Industry (such as in cosmetics and detergents sectors). Concerning the Gaseous Effluents, Adventech is especially dedicated to the treatment of VOC's and NOx by Catalytic Oxidation processes.

The treatment of complex and highly polluted wastewaters and gaseous effluents is achieved through a large scientific and technological knowledge, associated with a strong background in developing costumer-directed solutions.As an output of its R&D activity, Adventech publishes periodically scientific papers in conferences and publications.


Commercial expansion of the business field by becoming a market reference on the complex treatment of highly polluted wastewaters and gaseous effluents, using the most advanced technology applied in the industrial sector.


Developing solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, contributing and improving the performance of our customer’s needs by applying efficient advanced treatment processes



  • High quality - demonstrating the efficiency and robustness processes applied on the industrial solutions;
  • Commitment - meet the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders;
  • Commercial activity transparency - sharing enterprise values and knowledge with customers;
  • The continuous training of human resources - to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the team.



  • Commercial relationship: good relationship with customers, promoting long-lasting relationships.
  • High quality: visible in services provided and continued accompaniment.
  • Responsibility: compliance with the agreements reached with customers
  • Flexibility: ability to adapt to customers requests
  • Know-how: strong technical knowledge of human resources combined with the technology installed.
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