ABERON OOD offers to public and private entities consulting services, scientific research and projects management in the broader environmental sector of climatology, air, water resources, wastewater, marine, ecosystems services & nature, parallel to social & economic, legal & regulatory services and capacity building.

ABERON is using ICT technologies and spatial data to monitor the environment and produce long range management plans for safety, security and environmental protection.

ABERON has track record in development of project proposals, project management, R&D activities, technical assistance, public consultations, communication & dissemination activities in the following fields:

Water and wastewater

  • Development of Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP)
  • Assessment of the applicability of innovative wastewater treatment solutions
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Impact analyses, environmental assessments, compatibility assessments of plans
  • Exploration of private land and nature-based solutions (NBS) for flood retention
  • Exploration of aquaculture and marine non-fishery resources
  • Feasibility studies in support of engineering projects

Nature, Biodiversity protection & Agro-ecology

  • Ecosystems and ecosystem services mapping and assessment
  • Introduction of sustainable agro-ecological practices
  • Climate adaptation measures for agriculture
  • Processing of business & geo-information statistics

Business support

  • Business planning and strategy formulation
  • SWOT analyses; Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Market research in the fields of GIS and informatics, Environmental Management
  • Marketing & long-term viability & sustainability analyses for business portals
  • Regional & environmental economics

Green energy & smart technologies

  • Green energy and resource efficiency
  • Energy management and next generation of smart energy services
  • Accelerating the implementation of smart edge technologies

More info on ABERON can be found at www.aberon.bg/en

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