Applying for an Action Group

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Every Action Group has its own policy towards accepting new partners. All Action Groups are proactive in assembling and maintaining a diversified group of partners, therewith having a comprehensive coverage of the innovation value chain. Several Action Groups favour a focused work plan in which they have assigned specific partners to specific tasks. Other Action Groups favour a more open policy because they wish to collect a wide range of voices. All Action Groups are in principle open for solicitations of organizations a/o companies that wish to contribute.

Water News

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The EIP Water Marketplace offers a prefiltered news stream for the water sector. We collect water sector-related news from variuos souces, and present them as a public service on the marketplace's front page.

You may get a personal filtered stream as registered user in the my marketplace section.

Using the topic filter

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The contents presented in the right column of the page may be filtered by the relevance to specific water topics. Click one or more of this topics to get only contents, which are annotated (automatic or by hand) with one ore more of this terms. You may lower down the results in using the more fine granular second level topic list in clicking on the red arrow and selecting one or more of the presented sup-topics.

The resulting list is refreshed dynamic with every choosen topic.

Using the power search (only for registered users)

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As a special service for registered users only, the powerfull search of EIP Water Marketplace provides results following your search terms. The search results displayed in the right column oft the page are refreshed dynamic according to the input in the left placed search field. For more precise results, you may limit the results further in choosing one or more of the following filters:


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Using the marketplace comes with finding a lot of valuable sources. Compiling this sources to your personal knowledge repository, there is a bookmarking system in place, which you may use to mark those items for later use, which may be of further insterest.

Find an expert

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We provide an elaborated semantic expert finder for the EIP Water Marketplace. Once completed their complete profile, users will be found through the expert finder system.

Once you go to your matchmaking area  you may search for experts. Describe the expert you are searching for in


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