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Sunday, January 26, 2020 - 14:24 | OOSKAnews

New research launched on January 21 from World Resources Institute (WRI) has found that securing clean and available water for all by 2030 is achievable and might cost as little as $0.29 USD per...

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Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 15:26 | OOSKAnews

Dr Peter Gleick of The Pacific Institute speaks with David Duncan, Publisher, OOSKAnews in this (LINK) video interview for “The Water Diplomat”. Since the 1980s the Pacific Institute has maintained a...

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 16:44 | OOSKAnews

United States President Donald Trump has elaborated on his government's plan to roll back federal protections of water resources, telling the American Farm Bureau Federation 19 January that new water...

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 12:16 | OOSKAnews

The government of Chad and European Union partners have signed an agreement for a water improvement project with an estimated value of $60 Million USD for the capital city of N’Djamena.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 01:00 | SEMIDE

Position Announcement Job Title: Assistant Professor position in Water Desalination Technologies Area of specialization in IWRI Education and Research: Water Technologies Engineering, Water...

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 01:00 | SEMIDE

Tunisian State has received US $84m loan from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), the German development agency, to finance several solar and water management projects. in the country. Out of...

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Monday, January 20, 2020 - 11:49 | OOSKAnews

China will impose more curbs on agriculture and widen restrictions on industrial development in the next five years in a bid to protect scarce, already contaminated water supplies from further...

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Friday, January 17, 2020 - 17:05 | OOSKAnews

  OOSKAnews will host an "aquaNOW Audience" Thursday 30 January, in Inverness Scotland, to discuss challenges and solutions around pharmaceutical pollution of water resources. The event will be live...

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 15:57 | OOSKAnews

War-ravaged Yemen is experiencing what many are calling the start of a new epidemic problem with the spread of Dengue in the country. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that has rapidly spread...

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 14:35 | OOSKAnews

The combination of the heaviest rainfall in years, and being the fastest sinking city in the world, has proven a deadly combination for Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, as flooding has claimed at least...

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