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Monday, December 16, 2019 - 17:43 | OOSKAnews

Charles Iceland, Director of Global and National Water Initiatives, World Resources Institute (WRI) speaks with David Duncan, Publisher, OOSKAnews in this (LINK) “Water Diplomacy Talks” video...

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Sunday, September 15, 2019 - 22:00 | Environmental Expert -Soil & Groundwater

Sjölunda is one of Sweden’s largest wastewater treatment plants, and collects the wastewater from the homes of 300,000 people. During the expansion of the plant there were problems with delays,...

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 13:46 | OOSKAnews

Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland’s sixth-largest glacier, gained worldwide recognition when the volcano lurking under it erupted in 2010.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 12:12 | OOSKAnews

Icelanders held a “funeral” August 18 to officially recognize the re-listing of the Okjökull glacier as a volcano shield. Having lost is status as a glacier (or jökull in Icelandic) in 2014, the...

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 16:34 | OOSKAnews

A new campaign by Inspired by Iceland encourages tourists in Iceland to drink tap water instead of bottled water in an effort to cut down plastic use. The campaign is conducted in cooperation with...

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Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 17:50 | OOSKAnews

Standing near a glacial stream in Iceland, you’ll see a reflection of the sky in the mirror-like water, interrupted by a few patches of black volcanic sand.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 08:45 | OOSKAnews

OOSKAnews caught up with Charles Iceland this week to talk about global water risk, threats, conflict, migration and food security. In conversation with OOSKAnews' David Duncan, Iceland expands upon...

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Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 14:41 | OOSKAnews

An August 2018 Report by the World Resources Institute (WRI) reviews key drivers behind links between water risk and security threats, conflict, migration and food security. “Water, Security and...

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Monday, June 4, 2018 - 00:00 | Environmental Expert - Water & Wastewater

APG's 2018 Catalogs are now available on XPRT and on our website! You can find all of APG's newest releases along with your...

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Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 00:00 | Environmental Expert - Water & Wastewater

Industry across Europe is responsible for more than half of all carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other key pollutants emitted into the air, according to updated industrial pollution...

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