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Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 22:00 | Environmental Expert -Soil & Groundwater

The world’s longest sea crossing, Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge, opened last month. Including its access roads, the bridge spans 55km (34 miles) and connects Hong Kong to Macau and the...

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Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 22:00 | Environmental Expert -Soil & Groundwater

Royal Eijkelkamp will be sponsoring the World Soil Museum in Wageningen for the next three years. Fons Eijkelkamp and Stephan Mantel signed the sponsorship agreement at the museum on Friday 12...

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Monday, May 6, 2019 - 14:32 | OOSKAnews

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has completed its three-year review of the effect of modern civilization on natural world, publishing its...

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Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 22:00 | Environmental Expert -Soil & Groundwater

Submersible sand pumps, also known as submerged suction pump and submersible slurry pump, is designed and developed by Hebei Zidong Pump company. Our submersible sand pumps is originally used in...

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 22:00 | Environmental Expert - Water & Wastewater

AQUA DESIGNER is one of the standard design programs for activated sludge plants in Germany and worldwide. The range of tools has been extended over the last few years to all important procedures...

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Monday, April 29, 2019 - 18:09 | Water World

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Friday, April 26, 2019 - 12:46 | OOSKAnews

Parameswaran Iyer, Secretary, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, has said that the government is working on four verticals to achieve the target of ODF [Open Document Format] which include...

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 23:28 | Water World

Retrofit of repurposed circular sludge tank doubles process capacity.

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Monday, April 22, 2019 - 22:00 | Environmental Expert -Soil & Groundwater

Zidong ZH slurry pump is special designed for convey water and solid mixture medium .

It is suitable to convey strong abrasive and high-hardness, strong-corrosion and high-concentration...

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Monday, April 22, 2019 - 22:00 | Environmental Expert -Soil & Groundwater

8x6E-G Gravel Pump is suitable for handling large particles at consistently high efficiency, resulting in lower costs. Casing is designed with a large volume internal profile to reduce associated...

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