MSc Pieter De Jong

Pieter de Jong's picture

Pieter de Jong is EU Liaison Officer for Wetsus. He represents Wetsus and WaterCampus Leeuwarden in Brussels. De Jong is stationed in Brussels since 2009 and active in EU Policies for 6 years. Graduated as environmental engineer (WUR), he combines the both regional, national and EU policy with practical experience (laboratory research, business, government). De Jong is active in the domains of research, education, innovation, business development and EU regional policy.

As a region the province of Friesland is represented by Pieter within ERRIN. Besides coordinating the Water Working Group within ERRIN, Pieter is also the coordinator of the Action Group FINNOWATER, in cooperation with ERRIN (Richard Tuffs and Marco Canton).

Wetsus is active in many fields of water technology, two fields of interest are (for example) resource recovery from (waste) water and salinity gradient energy.