MS Anna-marie Gericke

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In 2018 the city of Cape Town was in the grip of a severe drought. To alievate the influence of the water shortage to the city and it's inhabitants we pitched a project to the water comission to import fresh water via tankership. The comitee accepted this and urged us to get a water supply contract in place, which we did as well as getting tankerships that would transport the water. We did both and got the biggest ships possible to commit as well as a 20 year contract for water supply. It then started to rain and all emergency measures was put on the back burner. We now however have the contract in place from governments that licensed the export of water from places where water is one of their only possible export revenue. We are now looking for other coutries that might need water and have allready started project development in the Middle East. the fresh water is of the best possible quality and would land in Spain for less than two euro cents per litre. The biggest ships with epoxy lined tanks carries 160 000 000 per shipment and we have six of them available for use with the right customer. We could however also do smaller ships if the harbour is not deep enough however this is open for discussion. I have from the start looked at only the best companies to assist me on this venture and therefo works with Simpson Spence and Young as my shipping agents and they in turn helped me to contract the best ships.