Meeting room and exhibition space request

Water innovation related side meetings on December, 11 before the EU Water Innovation Conference 2019 December, 12. 2019 in Zaragoza, Spain.

Similar to previous EIP Water Conferences, the local host is proud to offer free meeting rooms for you to hold relevant water innovation meetings. We expect that each meeting will have a dedicated and equipped space with enough tables, chairs, projector and screen; Computers are not included.  In any case, the number of rooms is limited and we will allocate these according to the room size/reasonably expected participant numbers and based on availability, following the first-come, first-serve principle. If you would like to hold a meeting, please click yes below and a small form will appear.

Contact person

Preferred date and time of the meeting

e.g. 9:00-12:30 or 13:00-16:30, and date if meeting is not on December 11.
As the amount of rooms is limited and we want to give all of you a chance to host a meeting, please indicate the number of participants you expect at your meeting.


The conference venue also offers limited space for a small water-innovation exhibition space. If you are interested, please apply free-of-charge for a small exhibition space. Please note that this is not a commercial exhibition space.

All extra items, such as monitors, brochure holders, etc. must be booked and paid via the organiser of the exhibition. Please contact: to organise all exhibition related issues.

Many thanks and hope to see you all in Zaragoza.

Your EIP Water Secretariat