Major review of SDG6 in 32 Chinese Cities

Major review of SDG6 in 32 Chinese Cities


Last year we published our third paper on cities in Asia, and our co-authors in China assessed two cities as part of this paper. We do this work on behalf of KWR Water Research Institute, Watershare, EIP Water and Utrech University. Recently our Chinese colleagues took this work major steps further and assessed 32 cities in China by applying the City Blueprint Approach, including the Governance Capacity Analysis developed by my colleague Stef Koop. We are extremely happy with their findings and the highlights of this study are summarized here:


  1. River peak discharges & urban drainage flood are two key environmental challenges.
  2. Good basic water services have been realized in all major China’s cities.
  3. Waste resources recycling & energy recovery are critical issues to be resolved.
  4. Excellent governance capacity leads to well management and action plans.
  5. Poor performance of public participation is caused by deficient useful knowledge.


We would like to congratulate our Chinese colleagues with this fantastic result. The results have been published recently in the Journal of Cleaner Production. The full paper and other links can be found hereWe think that the results clearly provide a path towards sustainability in China, make China water-wise and, ultimately will further the well-being of Chinese citizens.