The link between EIP Water and Horizon 2020 projects

The link between EIP Water and Horizon 2020 projects

The European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) is an initiative within the EU 2020 Innovation Union. The EIP Water facilitates the development of innovative solutions to address major European and global water challenges. At the same time, the EIP Water supports the creation of market opportunities for these innovations, both inside and outside of Europe. The EIP Water aims to remove barriers by advancing and leveraging existing solutions. In its implementation phase, the EIP Water will promote and initiate collaborative processes for change and innovation in the water sector across the public and private sector, non-governmental organisations and the general public. Read more about the initiative at

How can Horizon 2020 projects contribute to EIP Water’s objectives?

  1. Provide information, understanding and eventually solutions for addressing “priority areas” and “barriers & bottlenecks to innovation in the water sector”.
  2. Incorporate relevant people, projects, organisations and products/services to the EIP Water Marketplace, the European Commission’s one-stop-shop for water & innovation.
  3. Collaborate with EIP Water Action Groups and other projects already integrated, for upgrading, benchmarking, etc. e.g. for reaching outside the water silo to strengthen links with adjacent fields (energy, medicine, transport, marine), deepening the linkages with the open innovation communities, and going beyond the European borders into emerging markets.
  4. Extend the outreach of EIP Water information, news, messages, etc. (e.g. foster champions in not innovation-prone EU Member States, approach and involve SMEs)
  5. And maybe you have further ideas and proposals ...

What can EIP Water contribute to Horizon 2020 projects?

  1. Online show- and workspace area inside the EIP Water ‘Projects’ section, for text, video and files for information of third parties; including an internal (inaccessible for non-members) workspace, incl. management of agendas, weblogs, document upload, etc. Once you have created a 'project' within the EIP Water Marketplace, you can edit it as FP7 or H2020 project, and our search engine has a specific filter for them.
  2. Inclusion of short news items from the Horizon 2020 projects in the EIP Water Monthly Newsletter with >4,000 subscribers globally, e.g. project surveys. 
  3. Dissemination of your events and showcase your work, e.g. at our next EIP Water Conference or other events which cooperate with EIP Water.
  4. Networking, Information exchange
  5. And maybe you have further ideas and requests ...