The Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) is a multi-pronged initiative undertaken by WE&RF and WEF to help bring new water technology to the field quickly and efficiently. Overall, LIFT includes the following components:

• Technology Evaluations – Facility and industry end users share the cost of conducting demonstrations to accelerate adoption of new technologies (WE&RF Lead)

• People and Policy – Benchmarking how individual utilities accomplish research and development and identification of resources and policies needed to implement effective R&D (WEF Lead)

• Communication – Training, education, and outreach (WEF Lead)

• Informal Forum for R&D – Managers and individuals responsible for technology identification and deployment share experiences, activities, and interests (Facility/Industry Lead)


Activity Content Focus
  • Library search function & data sets
  • Analytical tools & models
  • Best practice methods & case studies
  • Technology roadmaps & innovation trends
  • Market intelligence
  • Generic or other
  • Knowledge exchange forums
  • Expert assistance teams
  • Demo-sites and/or test facilities
  • Matchmaking
  • Technical training
  • Promote access to & demand-matching of public investment agencies and funds and related investment entities
  • Optimise technical standards
  • Optimise linkage to education & R&D system
  • Water re-use and recycling
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Decision support systems and monitoring
  • Smart technologies
Technology Stage
  • Early stage
  • Later stage
Partnership Type
  • Technical institute collaboration
Hub Type
  • Centre





















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