Introduction to the Water and Energy Challenge

Introduction to the Water and Energy Challenge


Energy & water are highly interconnected locally & globally. A new FactBook "Introduction to the Water and Energy Challenge” by the SBC Energy Institute, a non-profit group created by Schlumberger Business Consulting SBC, finds that:

  • Freshwater supply will not meet forecast demand, requiring compromises
  • Water shortages are already affecting energy supply
  • Location-specific solutions will be required

The FactBook provides:

  • A global picture of the main water resources;
  • An overview of the current and forecast mismatch between supply and demand, and its likely consequences if left unaddressed;
  • A summary of water risks and their multi-dimensional nature.

One of a series of FactBooks on the energy transition published by the SBC Energy Institute, which was created by Schlumberger Business Consulting in 2011 to provide expert analysis on energy technologies, this new publication also:

  • Describes the water industry’s principal value chains, market trends and promising solutions;
  • Compares water consumption for different energy-production pathways; and
  • Illustrates the impact water constraints have already had, and continue to have, on the development of conventional and unconventional resources.
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