"Innovating water" featured in Horizon 2020 publication

"Innovating water" featured in Horizon 2020 publication

“Innovation and water cannot be separated,” says Marianne Wenning, director for 'Quality of Life, Water & Air' in DG Environment of the European Commission.

“Improving water efficiency in light of increasing scarcity will require innovative solutions, as will emerging pollutants, reducing leakage and water reuse. Water governance will also be positively influenced by innovative methods and approaches. Water innovation contributes to tackling the societal challenges of the future while at the same time creating sustainable growth and employment.”

These are quotes from a recent article on the EIP Water and water innovation published on the digital journal Portal of Horizon2020projects.com which  provides invaluable information regarding the European Commission’s largest ever R&I framework programme. The Portal is dedicated to providing the latest developments on EU-funded science, research and innovation, whilst its quarterly publication delivers an in-depth review on the key aspects of Horizon 2020 and its three pillars.

The article presents the key elements of the EIP Water, presents its priorities and some of its Action Groups, and explains how the EIP Water is linked to the EU Water Framework Directive.