Water supply, sewerage and waste managment

Mrs Ethel Pirola Igoa

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Ethel is working on environmental and water related issues since 2004, mainly on international projects in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Ethel holds a BSc in Environmental Science (2003, United Kingdom), an MSc in Environment, Water and Sanitation in International Cooperation Projects (2007, Spain) and an MSc in Foreign Trade and International Negotiation (2011, Spain).

EUROPE MEMBRANE water treatment

Europe Membrane manufactures and supplies hollow fiber (HF) ultrafiltration (UF) membranes and systems for membrane bioreactors (MBR) in waste water treatment plants (WWTP).

After years of research in the field of water treatment, technical plastics manufacture and installation of membrane bioreactors (MBR), we have set ourselves to optimize and improve MBR technology, generating appropriate technological solutions.

MBRable Cassettes incorporate all the technology and technical innovations necessary to provide high and stable flows with minimal operating costs.

Mr. Albert Canut

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I've been working in the field of industrial and urban waste water treatment for nearly 20 years. I've been involved in the technical management of urban waste wáter treatment plants and after that I devoted to consultancy activities in the field of industrial waste water, mainly for food companies and, in parallel, managing R&D projects in the frame of LIFE and Ecoinnovatios calls in a technology institute.

Eng Antonio Alcada

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António José Alçada, Civil Engineer, Hydraulic Msc , Biochemistry Phd student, EPAL Regional Manager of Beiras Maintenance Department, former Head of Infrastructures, Engineering and Operations of Águas do Zêzere e Côa, coauthor of the scientific work "Emerging and Innovative Techniques for Arsenic Removal Applied to a Small Water Supply System", author of several studies of pipe maintenance to reduce cracks in the material and leaks of water and, presently, are developing a Phd thesis, in Beira Interior University, about Environmental Contaminants in Water Supply Infrastructures

Mr. Tarik Smith

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OVER 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as a specialist in WASH, water engineering, research & development and project management in international development, public, private and university sector capacities.


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