Water supply, sewerage and waste managment

Engineer Juan Francisco Ripoll

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My areas of focus are: developing and emerging countries, technical and environmental issues, design and construction, and lean innovation, in a collaborative environment. This is based on an on-going education and experience in international context. I have had the chance to work in numerous continents; Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, in projects with large international grants for private companies with quality and efficiency as main goals.
. Specialised in the following thematic areas:
• Hydraulic and civil engineering,
• Project managing and direction,

Mr sudarshan rajendran

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i am an eco-entrepreneur, with more than 10 years experience in renewable energy and clean technology. i am involved in developing innovative ideas in waste water treatment and other sustainable ideas. i am actively involved with two organisations, i am asscociated with Alternative Living Solutions, U.K, in developing a unique system to treat waste water in high density populated areas, like the slums of Mumbai, India. And also

engineer Malek Harrabi

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I m hard-working phd student, motivate about environmental and water issues, innovation in preserving natural resources. I got my agronomic engineering degree at 2013, specialized in “natural resources management” at the Mograne Higher School of agriculture, Tunisia. Now, I m continuing my education to get my PhD degree at the national engineering school of Sfax (Tunisia).

Simon Radermacher

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Simon is an entrepreneur and graduated engineer working on a new design for a low-cost solar desalination technology. He studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen and worked several years in the field of thermal power engineering. As a co-founder of Acuago he believes that a simple, robust and small-scale solution is the key in drinking water production in the future. He is driven by the opportunity to develop an economic technology capable of improving the life of millions of people.

Eng Márcia Reis

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Master in Quality Management and Food Safety, Degree in Biotechnology, Diploma in Biotechnology, Food Production branch. Senior Technician Safety and Health at Work and Training of Trainers and Environmental Framework.
Developed the first phase of the emergency plan of S. Domingos dam in Peniche
Works in water safety, risk analysis and risk assessment.
Responsible for the implementation of the Peniche Water Safety plan.
Head of Division quality control since 2008-2016.


F-Reg is a small company specialized in storm water and CSS management.

Beyond his concept of flow limiting device, F-Reg have a modern vision of storm water managment thanks to his competent team : one engineer with 20 years of experience in urban water managment, a PhD in Fluid Mechanics with 7 years of experience and a former manager for a public water operator with 23 years of professional experience.

Manager of Funding, M.Sc. (econ.) Anitta Sihvonen

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I am in responsible of project fundings in Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd. Miksei is jointly owned by the City of Mikkeli (80 %) and Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (20%). Miksei has about 25 projects funded by ERDF, ESF, COSME, ENI CBC, Horizon2020 and other instruments. Miksei has collaboration specially with China, Russia and European Countries.

Petra Green Community Enterprise

The problem of the water sector is still one of the most problems in Jordan, where jordan is classified as one of the five poorest countries in the world. Petra Green Community Enterprise "PetraGCE" was established after years of research and effort aimed at finding the ideal solutions to water issues in arid regions.

Reverse osmosis water system without waiste - Mohsen Abu Haifa

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Petra Green Community Enterprise "PetraGCE" was established after years of research and effort aimed at finding the ideal solutions to water issues in arid regions. Many aspects of water treatment were thoroughly researched by Jordanian professionals, including nanotechnologies in water treatment, development operations of household water treatment systems, and how to find efficient and sustainable alternatives to minimize the water waste.


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