Water supply, sewerage and waste managment

Ms Aditi Bhasin

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My research primarily revolves around phosphorus recovery from municipal sewage sludge, with a focus on incineration of sludge followed by nutrient recovery from the ashes. I work at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute located in Stockholm. The aim of my work is to recommend sustainable sludge handling solutions to the Swedish wastewater treatment plants.

Mrs Mary Etuk

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The AfriAlliance competitive call for action group is a brilliant idea and i will be delighted to contribute my quota to safeguard the ever depleting and vulnerable water resources of Nigeria, Africa and the World at large. I am an hydrogeologist, a researcher and a data analyst in University of NIgeria, Nsukka. I am currently running my doctorate degree in hydrogeology at the same university. I am seeking to join an action group. I have worked extensively in the water sector both with NGO'S and University Research groups.

Management of Projects and Civil Works of Water Buildings, Water Resources and Accounts includes flood control,clean water technologies,potable water supply and dams Çağdaş Taşkınsu

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Management of Projects and Civil Works of Water Buildings, Water Resources and Accounts includes flood control,clean water technologies,potable water supply and dams

Mr Ron Daniel

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Ron Daniel, Composium Group Ltd. owner and General Manager. 
Ron is an Engineer with a 40+ year career divided almost equally between Construction Design, Design and
Build and Construction Project Management. Ron’s experience includes leading roles in some of the most
Iconic International construction projects of recent times (see below).
Composium Group Ltd. was formed by Ron in 2016 with the sole purpose of launching TELESIS, Ron’s
technology invention inspired by his experience as the Project Executive in charge of the US$ 6 Billion

Water Consultant Ayaz Hasan

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 Innovative Solutions for Integrated Water Resource Management using Decision Support System (DSS)
 Business Development Project Management
 Hydrogeological Investigations &Numerical Modeling for Groundwater Resource Evaluation and Development
 Design of Gravity Drainage System as Engineering Solution of Rising Groundwater Levels using GIS ad Groundwater Modeling techniques
 Characterization of Soil and Groundwater Contamination
 Flow & Solute Transport Modeling for GW Contamination Evaluation & Design of Remediation schemes

Mr. Behzad Farahmand

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At Nilfam Engineering Company (www.nilfam-co.com), we produce wastewater treatment package plants. We have a patented process in Iran called "Integrated Growth" for wastewater treatment which is more efficient than any other process. We turn the municipal wastewater into water which is safe to get back to the environment or be used for irrigation of plants. We are also able to turn wastewater into potable and industrial grade water.

Water Consultant/Groundwater Modeler Ayaz Hasan

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Present Position: Hydrogeologist/Water Consultant in Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) Riyadh Saudi Arabia
o Contribute in high-level national strategic water resource planning & management projects of Ministry (Development of National Water Strategy, (2) National Water Law & National Water Regulator) in collaboration with World Bank & UNDP.
o Manage and supervise multimillion $ water resources and contamination investigation and remediation projects and completed on-time, within budget while maintaining standards.


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