Water supply, sewerage and waste managment

R&D Technician Joan Carles Alonso Campos

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Since 2018, I have been developing my professional activity as a R&D technician in Global Omnium (Valencia, Spain), specifically in the area of drinking water distribution. The main research lines followed by Global Omnium in this field are related to the smart metering, exploitation of a real time hydraulic simulator, leakage detection and location, energy optimisation, energy recovery and water saving by dynamic pricing and/or pressure management.

Herr Manfred Prem

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Idea to prevent flooding, high water and drought

I have an idea on how to mitigate and prevent the risk of flooding and high water. At the same time a compensation for drought and dryness is created.

Existing measures are short-term measures!

My idea: Water Resource Tank

I have designed a concept that makes it possible to catch the vital water in special container systems. Thus, disasters are mitigated and partially completely prevented. The collected water is provided in case of drought or water shortage for humans and animals.

Mrs Kay Swindells

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A Statiflo Motionless Mixer is a simple pipeline component, which in many instances can be considered as the modern alternative to traditional stirred tank systems. In operation, the Statiflo Mixer is installed into the process line usually as a flanged pipeline component where it continuously and efficiently blends any combination of fluids, gases, solids or slurries which pass through it. The custom designed, patented, Statiflo mixing elements are fixed and static within the pipework, only the products within the system move.

Norberta Coelho

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I was involved, for 20 years, in the process of decontamination of the Ave basin located in the north of Portugal. We built 11 Waste Water Treatment Plant, which are operational, for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater, from textile industrie.
I am currently involved in a working group, in this platform, to develop a river remediation project in China.
I am responsible for the ID&I area of the company.


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