Water supply, sewerage and waste managment


Non-profit organization that promotes initiatives to disseminate educational, informational and training activities for young people in the maritime, aquatic and environmental sectors

CEO Jose luis Martinez


Company specialized in control of aquatic pests (bivalve molluscs in inland waters, through biotechnological methods. We research and develop various programs of new control models with national and international organizations.

Dr. Alicia Sanz Prat

Alicia Sanz Prat's picture

Environmental Scientist working on Quantitative Hydrogeology and Groundwater Flow and Reactive Transport Modelling. PhD at the University of Tübingen in 2016; MSc in Hydrogeology in 2012 and MSc in Hydrology and Water Resources in 2007. 7 years of professional experience as researcher at several universities in Germany and Canada, and 4 years of experience in management of Water I+D programmes in the private market.


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