Water supply, sewerage and waste managment

Mr Pinaki Bhadury

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Experienced water domain professional with demonstrated success in leading businesses, product launch, application sales, setting up new businesses, strategic business growth, market research and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and business turnaround strategies. I have been CEO at Doshion Veolia Water Solutions, Ahmedabad where I increased their business by 3 times in a year adding new technologies and new customer accounts and then was head of water business at Wipro Water, a division of Wipro Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., from 2012 to 2018.

Nouveau concept hydraulique Jean-Claude FONVIEILLE

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Brève description de l' invention

Cette station hydraulique nommé " Station hydraulique de récupération, de gestion et de distribution des eaux pluviales et des eaux souterraines" entièrement automatisée a pour but de collecter, de stoker, d’évacuer, de drainer et de réguler les eaux pluviales et les eaux souterraines afin de limiter les inondations, les pollutions et les érosions, elle a pour but également de fournir de l’eau secondaire et/ou de l’eau potable pour (Particulier, Agriculteur, Industriel, Village, Ville, Communauté des communes...).

Mr Ranjit Kumar

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Ranjit is a water enthusiast and working hard to find an technology alternative to Reverse Osmosis.
He is an IVLP Fellow -2018. He worked on Water pricing and economics involved in water in three continent Like Asia, Africa and North America.

Dr Emily Rames

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Expertise in microbiological water quality analysis (viruses/virology) and development of a new, rapid and easy to use coliphage test

Rui Lima

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Rui Lima, MSc in Civil Engineering (Hydraulics, Water Resources and Environment specialization), works in the development of innovative applications of technology in water management. Before INDYMO, he was a researcher at Deltasync and in a Portuguese water board. He's working towards a PhD on innovative monitoring.

R&D Technician Joan Carles Alonso Campos

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Since 2018, I have been developing my professional activity as a R&D technician in Global Omnium (Valencia, Spain), specifically in the area of drinking water distribution. The main research lines followed by Global Omnium in this field are related to the smart metering, exploitation of a real time hydraulic simulator, leakage detection and location, energy optimisation, energy recovery and water saving by dynamic pricing and/or pressure management.


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