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Dr. Araceli Clavijo

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Degree in Biology and Environmental Engineering. Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences with specialization in Aquatic Bioassays. I am currently doing a postdoctoral degree in topics related to the integral management of water resources (water security and sanitation plans), with special attention to the regulations regarding decentralized treatment systems.

Andrea Bianchini

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Graduated in Geographical Sciences and with a Master Degree in Geography and Territorial Processes, since 2008 I work for Eurac Research and I am involved in the processes of international cooperation and negotiation on water and water management issues on behalf of the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, with particular reference to the activities of the Platform "Water Management in the Alps" of the Alpine Convention, the Platform "Natural Hazards" of the Alpine Convention, the sub-group "Integrated and Sustainable Water Management" of the EUSA

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The challenge faced by the research group has been to clean industrial wastewaters, thus reducing water consumption, economic expenditure and possible environmental hazards. “aiming to decrease the economic costs, and increase the project´s environmental approach, agro industrial residues are being used to prepare materials capable of wastewater decontamination that can be compared to commercial adsorbents. Previous knowledge of the researchers was applied and optimised to the wastewater composition and treatments.

Dr. Michael Eichholz

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Broad experience in water management and water governance. Field research on urban water governance in Bolivia. Work experience in international cooperation and consulting of water uitilites on operational efficiency and geodata management. Currently policy advisor on groundwater management and governance.

Senior European Policy Officer Jennifer Carson

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I represent the East of England here in Brussels. The East of England European Partnership involves local authorities, universities and business organisations. Anglian Water the water utility company for the region also pays into the Partnership. We follow all European policy of relevance to our partners. Water issues of most importance include: the effects of climate change, flooding, water scarcity and coastal issues.


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