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Evelyn Lukat

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The need for mediators between science and policy appears to me one consequence of the IWRM implementation. Here, I see my place in the scientific community. In order to support decision making processes, it is important to supply stakeholders with target group oriented information. This bears the power to solve resource conflicts sustainably.

As an enthusiastic and interdisciplinary scientist, I am intrigued by the chances and challenges that Integrated Water Resource Management brings along, in international contexts as the national water management sector.

Mr. Joan Roig

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Potential application to drinking water, process streams, urban wastewater and/or complex industrial wastewaters and seawater:

1. Advanced Electrochemical Technologies and Advanced Oxidation Processes

Mr. Albert Jansen

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Albert Jansen has worked his professional life in membrane technologies. First as developer of membranes later on the development of applications. After a career in TNO in several mangement positions he is now the manager of the innovation programm water and New Busines. Next to this Albert is the chair of the Dutch Membrane Association (170 professionals) and he is a democratic elected board member of a dutch water district (HDSR). In Europe Albert is one of the founding fathers of WssTP and EIP and currently leading the working group on water and Industry (WssTP).

Mr. Eduard Interwies

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Eduard Interwies, Director of InterSus (SME), is a renown environmental policy consultant and environmental economist; he has practical experience with various aspects of water and marine policy and the implementation of relevant Directives. In his work, Mr. Interwies combines his strong background as an economist and political scientist with multi-disciplinary research and policy consulting approaches in the economic, social and environmental domains.

Prof Dr Cornelis Johannes (Kees) van Leeuwen

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Cornelis Johannes (Kees) van Leeuwen, PhD is Chief Science Officer at the KWR Water Research Institute and Professor in Water Management and Urban Development at the University of Utrecht (UU) in the Netherlands. He studied biology (ecology and toxicology) and published more than 200 reports and publications, 2 editions of a book on Risk Assessment of Chemicals, co-edited the Urban Water Atlas for Europe and a Special Issue on Water Management and Governance in cites.

Director international cooperation projects Ninetta Chaniotou

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I have studied mathematics, regional economy and (regional) economic development planning. Water management is one of the fields my organisation deals with (Kainuun Etu Oy, regional development company). Finland has long history in water monitoring and rehabilitation / restoration actions. However, in one of our recent projects, we started working on EcoSystem Services, especially in relation to rivers / lakes and associated territories. We are building expertise in this area and we are keen to continue.

Stefano Gianazzi

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KEYWORDS: Energy, Environment, ICT, Innovation, Co-funded projects, Cross-border Cooperation, Communication and Dissemination, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


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