Dr. Ing. Luca Sanfilippo

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Senior expertise on design, operational, technical and commercial activities in water market sector, improving diversified
coordination and management roles in the fields of environmental and industrial instrumentation for water measurements, development and integration of water quality monitoring networks and early warning water control systems.
Participated in several EC FP6 and FP7 R&D calls evaluations of project proposals.

MiDo Snc

The MiDo fits within the business sector operating in the green economy through the development of applications of Smart Metering solutions and machine- to-machine services provided in clound computing, for monitoring and management of the production and distribution of energy (water, gas, etc. . ) in order to reduce energy costs in general and contribute to the realization of smart cities .



I´m the Manager of a technological SME focused in water recycling and wastewater engineering projects for industrial companies of different sectors: Paper, Agrofood, Automation, Metal Mechanics and Chemical.

We have been providing engineering and consultancy services to an averag of 60 companies/year in the last 15 years.
We are intereted in innovative technologies inroduction in the market.


With both proven and innovative technology, we are able to provide the most appropriate solution for a large number of environmental issues . Waste recycling, re-use of materials and recovery of low-grade energy are central in basically all our solutions. Through research and collaboration we are looking for new ways to solve existing problems in a more sustainable and economical way.

Coos Wessels

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Coos Wessels, Mechanical Engineering, 1966, has a broad experience in both the national and international markets. Within the wastewater and process water technology he is an expert in the application of membrane technology and membrane bioreactors as well as deep knowledge in the field of sludge treatment and processing. He possesses the unique combination of fundamental technical know-how with business acumen. In recent years the focus of his work shifted from process development to project- and strategy development focussed on the global market.

CEO Jesper Ellegaard

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PureH2O A/S is a Danish owned company producing and marketing drinking water systems, founded in 2001. Today, the headquarters and production facilities are located in Denmark, in close vicinity to Copenhagen.
The technical capabilities of the company have been proven by the production of hundreds of systems, which have worked in 30 countries, some of them in very challenging working conditions, such as extreme temperatures, dusty environments and with highly polluted feed water from rivers, lakes, flooded areas and high salinity/sea water.


UBERTONE develops and sells innovative ultrasonic measurement instruments. We combine techniques that come from medical imaging and oceanographic sonar. UBERTONE technology allows the user to precisely visualize the velocity profile across the flow, thereby ensuring better knowledge and control of various processes.


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