Mr Mustapha Lakhdari

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Civil engineer from the Algerian National School of Public Works with additional training in entrepreneurship (ENSTP in partnership with INSA Lyon), and certified Microsoft Windows Embedded.
He has several professional experience in software development and embedded systems including entrepreneurship.

Business Unit Director Charles Scholpp

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Charles Scholpp joined Hach Company, a leading global supplier of water analytical instruments, reagents, software and services, in 2003 where he served in product marketing, service marketing, and product development roles before taking the lead in Hach's Integrated Information Management (IIM) initiative in 2007. As IIM Director, Mr. Scholpp was responsible for three software oriented businesses: Data Management, Homeland Securities, and Water Treatment Optimization.

Mr. David REAY

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Chemviron Carbon is Europe's leading supplier of activated carbons and related services, including mobile carbon filters (adsorbers) and spent carbon reactivation. Activated carbon is used for the purification of liquid/gas streams in a wide variety of applications, including drinking water, process water, wastewater, biogas, odour control, VOC abatement and remediation activities. In most applications, spent activated carbon can be recycled via thermal reactivated, whereby the carbon is passed through a high temperature kiln/furnace to restore the activity on the carbon.

Dr.-Ing. Markus Busch

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1991-1999 Study of Environmental Engineering, Technical University Berlin
1999-2010 Dow Deutschland, Rheinmuenster, Germany: Developmental Leader SWRO membranes, lab leader
2010-2013 Dow Iberica SA, Tarragona, Spain: Leader for Global Water Technology Center
Since 2014: Dow Europe GmbH, Horgen, Switzerland: Development Leader for Water Microbial Control


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