Dr Connor Douglas

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CTO of Photonic Measurements, Photonic Measurements has a range of analytical analyser for measuring various components in water. Developing analytical instrumentation is my bread and butter and have been involved areas of bring an idea for a new measurement right through to production and have done this in a number of industries from Biotech to Oil and Gas and now with Photonic Measurements in the Water Sector.
In the last 12 months at Photonic Measurements:

A tote to avoid wasting all that water in your house while you wait for the water from the tap to get hot. Suso Chulvi Bolsadelagua

Suso Chulvi Bolsadelagua's picture Better Things.
esferic was officially started in February 2015. We started sharing ideas and quickly realized we had a lot in common and the project started taking shape.
The brain storming sessions trying to give simple solutions to everyday problems allowed us to learn a lot, share and meet some amazing people.
Our mission is to create objects we think are necessary. We always try to apply common sense and improve the place we live in.

Dr. Ing. Martin Tauber

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Experienced international marketing, sales & business development executive with more than 20 years experience. Engaged in a variety of management tasks in different industries on a global level, polyolefins, non-ferrous metals and chemicals. Enthusiastic marketer, and enjoy representing a company, its image and heritage.

Have worked & lived in Austria, Sweden, Germany and Belgium.

Beyond corporate engagement, representing the various industries in European and international Trade & Business Associations.

Joep Appels

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Joep Appels has a degree in analytical chemistry (HBO-A) and a degree in marketing (NIMA-B). He has 30+ years of experience in the field of (on-line) water and environmental instruments and worked for several major US instrument companies including Thermo Instruments and New Brunswick Scientific. He worked on the development and implementation of AOX, chlorine and sulpher and (on-line) TOC analyzers with Euroglas, based in Delft (which was acquired by Thermo).


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PhD.Fiz. was born in 1978, district Panaghia, Dolj, Romania. In 2001, I completed my faculty education in theoretical physics (Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University) where he was specialized in Nuclear Physics. In 2004, I graduated a master program (Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University) inside ”Atomic Interaction, Nuclear, Astrophysics, Elementary Particle and Application” department with paper ”A new theory of nuclear forces”.

Annemarie Kleist

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Manufacturing of on line analyzer.
Our analyzers operate fully automatically using wet-chemical or spectroscopic methods. They measure on-line trace concentrations of different parameters in liquids, e.g. phosphate, nitrate, ammonia, chlorine, metals and silica. Application areas include power generation, water treatment, chemical process engineering, chemical surface treatment and waste water technology.
We are looking for enduser contact and projects

VP Sales & Marketing Owen Stevens

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Innovative water storage solution manufacture with mature and tested technology that will change the way water is stored, as it keeps clean water clean. Our storage systems have global certifications to not require any maintenance or coatings, will save its owner in maintenance, energy and water loss.

We have a global presence, and will work with you to design the best option.

Mr Justin Dunning

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Justin Dunning manages sales and marketing operations within Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd, a manufacturer of in-situ sensors and systems serving the Water, Marine and Process Control markets. He originally worked within the engineering department of Chelsea Instruments Ltd as a Mechanical Engineer and Marine Systems Manager.


ATEVAL is a private industrial association. It has more than 450 associated textile companies, and represents almost 11.000 persons employed. ATEVAL has cooperated with various entities in European projects. It has human resources expert in coordinating European projects, in direction the work team for the dissemination and intellectual property rights.


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