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We are Expert in Water and Food Safety. The lab-on-a-chip technology developed by rqmicro Ltd. is able to isolate and quantify Legionella and other pathogens from water samples in less than 2 hours. The automated and highly specific method is based on immunomagnetic separation and microfluidics.

KUTTA//Sala%%% Bills Vs Ravens Live Online Tv Tv Tv Tv Game as it televising here now

KUTTA//Sala%%% Bills Vs Ravens Live Online Tv Tv Tv Tv Game as it televising here now

e Buffalo Bills seem to be on the right track under head coach Rex Ryan, though coaching in the AFC East is one of the tallest tasks in the league. That's because Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots reign supreme, even when the New York Jets and other teams have been decent here and there. It won't be enough to be decent this season -- the Bills need to take the next step if they're going to compete with the Patriots.


Innovation Manager Henk Pool

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Career experience in Industrial Research and Application Development at Dow Chemical.
Last 10+ years involved in Industry Water Reuse development project and Water desalination and treatment development projects.

Currently seconded as an Innovation Manager at Cefic Research and Innovation Department.
Responsibilities at Cefic include Water Innovation (broad term) for the Chemical Industry


Plasticos Hidrosolubles, S.L. is a Spanish private company incorporated in 2003 and located in Rafelbuñol, Valencia (Spain). CDTI (Spanish Technological & Industrial Development Centre) and IVF (Valencia Institute of Finance) gave financial support to the company and the partners for the initial investment.


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