Indo-European Water Partnership business meeting

Indo-European Water Partnership business meeting

Within the Indo-European Water Partnership, the Indian Ministry for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation and the European Union have organised a Meeting with EU businesses in New Delhi on 7 March 2016 (14:00 local, 09:30 CET) with a videoconference connection to involve EU-based businesses.

The meeting was attended by Secretary Shashi Shekhar, MoWR, RD & GR and EU Ambassador Tomasz Kozlowski. The draft Programme is attached.

The key challenges, for which the Government of India is looking for solutions are:

  1. Municipal Sewage
  2. Industrial Effluents
    1. Tanneries
    2. Pulp and Paper
    3. Distilleries
    4. Textiles
  3. Water Quality Monitoring
    1. Industrial effluent monitoring (at the discharge outlet)
    2. River Health: 113 WQM site (which will increase further) to be established along the main stem of the river Ganga.
  4. GIS based Ganga river basin mapping
  5. Micro-irrigation

Registration is for free can be made here. If you're interested in providing additional optional information for dissemination at the meeting and/or via EIP Water and EBTC, your comments/questions/expectations shall be sent to the Support facility to the Partnership by latest 4 March 2016. The optional information referred to in the attached excel sheet can either be sent to the same email or integrated at the corresponding areas of the EIP Water Marketplace under Organisations, Projects and Products & Services. Note that participation in the event is for free, both in New Delhi as well as for the videoconference.

Information on India-related projects, organisations and products & services (by 2 Feb 2016) is attached in a separate file. You can also search the Marketplace for an updated list!


Event Information

Date of event: 

Monday, March 7, 2016 - 09:30 to 13:30

Other event information: 

Event includes lunch
Event includes dinner