Independent Implementation review of EIP Water – Update

Independent Implementation review of EIP Water – Update

The independent, external evaluation of the EIP Water has recently finished, and the results will soon be validated by the European Commission.

As part of the evaluation exercise, an online survey was conducted, which received 195 responses from water sector actors from right across the EU and beyond.  In addition, 17 interviews with key stakeholders were conducted. Finally, evaluation findings and recommendations were further challenged and developed during two Focus Group meetings with key EU water sector stakeholders.

Some initial conclusions of the evaluation were the following:


Key results of the EIP Water:

The main achievements of the EIP Water to date have been:

·       Bringing together actors from across the water sector;

·       Increasing the visibility of the water sector amongst EU policy-makers;

·       Facilitating networking amongst water sector stakeholders.


Some of the main concerns identified are:

·       The mission of the EIP Water is not sufficiently clearly defined;

·       Water is not high enough on the European (EU) public policy agenda. Water is a cross-sectoral topic, but is at present primarily dealt with by EC-DG ENV;

·       Lack of financing for projects in the water sector (both applicable to projects relating to the EIP Water, but also more generally applicable to the water sector).


The European Commission has published an open call for a EIP secretariat based on the initial conclusions and will reflect on the final outcome of the evaluation as soon as it has been finalized.

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