The Implementation Canvas

The Implementation Canvas

The Implementation Canvas is a simple, easy to use tool that can be used by consultants or research institutes to support local governments and water authorities to implement long term and short adaptation strategies and policies. The canvas creates the possibility to integrate the perspectives of companies, scientists and government in one single tool. The tool supports multistakeholder processes by structuring and integrating relevant knowledge on implementation with regard to adaptation, either in relation to climate change, or other long term challenges.

The implementation Canvas was inspired by the business model generation canvas (BMGC). The BMGC is a very easy-to-use tool to develop business models. The BMGC identifies the nine most important building blocks of a business model. Analogous to the BMGC, the Implementation Canvas identifies the most important building blocks of adaptive implementation. The structure of the implementation canvas and the building blocks is therefore different from the BMGC. However, the general idea is the same, namely to design an implementation of adaption measure. One of the challenges the climate adaption canvas is addressing is the cross sectoral nature of adaptation measures. The involved disciplines range from climate expertise and impact assessment, to policy formulation, water management and spatial planning to actual design of infrastructure and construction, to cost and benefit analysis.

Just as the BMGC the Implementation Canvas is being designed by discussing and filling out the building blocks. This can be done by a single person or a group of stakeholders. The Implementation Canvas consists of multiple layers. The highest layers (the canvas) will provide general overview of the interrelations between the building blocks. Behind each building block there is a new layer focusing in more detail on that specific building block and providing insight in relevant knowledge.By creating and comparing multiple designs, the implementation model can be found that suits the adaptation measure best. Thus the Implementation Canvas helps in discovering insights and new approaches to existing challenges in a very structured way.

Besides bringing implementation into the equation concerning climate adaptation, the novelty of the Implementation Canvas is that it is a portal for knowledge being develop on the implementation of climate adaptation. It does so by aligning different knowledge disciplines and can be used to support the formulation and implementation of climate adaption programs. Furthermore a significant advantage of the Implementation Canvas is that it can deliver insights very quickly and can do so for an international setting, as the canvas is not designed for a specific governance/institutional setting.